Saturday, 27 June 2015

They came after me again
There were three of them, I think
Stitch begged for me to use it, but I wouldn’t.
I was so tired that I barely felt the knife
And then there was blackness
The next thing I remember was being half conscious and fed something
When I was able to fight myself awake, I realized that I was on a bed with someone’s arm supporting me and some kind of thick soup being fed to me. I started to struggle, but I was held down and a hand was over my mouth to stop me from screaming.
“Shut the fuck up you idiot. We’re trying to help”
They let me go once I calmed down. 
I looked back and forth between them.  Fell looked somehow leaner and angry, while Hart just looked disappointed. Both looked tired and had a couple more scars since the last time I saw them.
“Where am I? Why did you bring me here?”
“You’re in a fucking shitheap motel while we fix your dumbass up”
“I don’t want your help! I wanted to die!”
“Well too bad!” Hart snapped “We’re not going to just sit here and let you kill yourself”
“It’s my choice-“
“Not any fucking more it’s not” Fell said, cutting me off
I asked if I could at least go to the bathroom. Hart frowned and walked me over there, making sure to block my path to the room door. Once in the bathroom, I locked the door and tried to figure out what to do. The bathroom had a tiny window over the filthy bathtub and I was midway through squeezing myself out of it when a hand grabbed me and pulled me back in. Fell unlocked the door and tossed me back into the room. I was suddenly aware of my wounds as I landed, but I got back up just in time for her to force me to face her
“Fucking really?! Did you think that we wouldn’t guess that you were going to try that shit?”
I felt my face go red in humiliation “Let me go!”
“No. You’re going to fucking stay here and rest and eat more of that vegetable puree that Hart worked hard to make for your ungrateful ass until you get some fucking sense and your fucking strength back!”
“Ungrateful? For what? For you kidnapping me and forcing me to do what a dead woman wa-“
I was cut off by a slap across the face that and a promise that if I said one more thing about KnitWolf, she would cut my tongue out. I could still live without that after all.
I made one more attempt to fight my way out of the room, but that only got me tied up. At which point I tried yelling for help and swearing at them until they gagged me
“Yup.” Hart sneered at my insults before he taped my mouth shut “We’re the bad guys, remember?”
But in his eyes, I could see that he was hurt
As much as I hated it, I tried to have Stitch free me, but it refused.
I’ve been stuck here for a few days. I try not to sleep, but it always comes. I try to resist the food, but they force me to take it. They aren’t keeping me tied up anymore, but they are always watching me, sleeping in shifts in case I try to run again. Fell agreed to let me log in and write this, but she’s watching me over my shoulder to make sure I don’t try anything else.
I don’t know how long they’re going to keep me here. I don’t know what will happen if their boss shows up.
Stitch is laughing at me
I don’t know what to do.


  1. What the fuck is your problem you brat, you have friends who are trying to help you and you are being a total ass towards them, you fucking brat.

    1. What's MY problem? They kidnapped me and tied me up!
      I won't live under Stitch's control! I don't want to kill anyone else!
      It's my life and if I can't live the way I want to, then I should be able to choose death.

    2. You fucking moron, I'm done.

    3. Jesus Christ Malik. The kid was almost murdered, then ABDUCTED AND TIED UP. And fed vegetable purée - motherfucker, do you remember liking that shit? I'd have taken this kid for some goddamn ice cream at least. You're not required to be nice to people who kidnap you. I don't seem to recall you being an angel when that happened to you. What you worried she's gonna do, hurt their feelings? Lmaoooo

    4. When I was kidnapped, I wasn't fed any food, nor given any medical attention, I was tortured for information and when I refused to give it, I was shot and left for dead in a dumpster. Bottom line, I was kidnapped by people who wanted me fucking dead.

      She was kidnapped by her friends, who prevented her own death, not only that, they nursed her back to a fucking healthy state and fed her and she's being a dick to them for it, so forgive me if I'm a little pissed off when she's acting like a brat towards people who are willing to help her.

    5. Oh my god. Please shut up. If you don't understand how a kid isn't receptive to being forcibly taken and tied up and force fed, then you must have taken way too many knocks to the head.

      And don't be around children. Like ever.

    6. Yeah Malik, you should stay away from children because you would NOT leave them to die in an alley!

      Would that have been better for you Sanna? To let her die alone in an alley?
      She was starving herself. That's why we force fed her. I made vegetable puree because it would be the easiest thing with a high nutritional value to get her to take while she was in and out of consciousness. Would you rather we let her waste away?
      We tied her up because she was trying to escape. If we had let her go she would have been right back to the state she was in when we found her. We aren't keeping her tied up anymore because she stopped trying to escape.

      I spent months caring for her and trying to help her cope with all the shit that's happened to her! I'll be damned if I'm just going to watch a friend slowly kill herself! But what do I know? I'm the bad guy.

    7. Good job twisting my words, trashfucker.

      I said, repeatedly, you shouldn't be surprised Laura is angry. I said that she has every right to be angry.

      But you guys are all like "it's for her own good". Fantastic. You fucking saint, you second coming of Christ, you.

      That doesn't change that people don't like being manhandled.

      The fact I have to explain this is fucking absurd.

    8. No, what's absurd is you talking like we have time to indulge her anger.

      Do you not understand the situation we're in?
      Do you lack any fucking awareness of danger or urgency?
      Probably, given the way you walk into one trap after another.

      Why don't you go eat another bag of drugged skittles?

    9. I never said indulge her anger.

      I said to expect it.

      You don't have time to indulge her anger, but you have time to respond to my comments and write a post and take cheap shot at me?

      This isn't your proudest moment, is it? :)

    10. Is there really any point to this arguing? Aren't we all sort of on the same side?

    11. Bitchface- Whenever Hart is on here responding to your shit, you can be fucking sure that it's because I'm trying to handle things with the kid. We're trying our fucking best but we're still human and we need to take fucking breaks every so often.

      Please go dig up Kelevra's rotten ass and die in it.

      Patrick Swayze- yeah, In this case I fucking guess we are. I've said my bit anyway

    12. Is there really any point to this arguing? Aren't we all sort of on the same side?

    13. So when you get agitated and tired from stressful situations, it's because you're human. But when Whelp does, it's because she's a brat. OK. Yep. That all checks out. Nothing hypocritical about that.

      And we come to you wishing for me to die? Ok. Wow. Wonderful. Not an overreaction at all. When did a little criticism make you so tense? And shitting on my dead friends name. Because that's a cool thing. Bet you'd hate it if I did that. However, I'm not going to take a shot at the wolf because I respect her and respect the dead. How about that shit? I mean, Kelevra fucked the dead; that doesn't mean the rest of us get lax about respecting the dead.

    14. Actually, considering what a Ghost said, I'm going to apologise so we can put this behind us. I don't have anymore time to put into this than you do.

      Thank you, Ghost.

    15. "So when you get agitated and tired from stressful situations, it's because you're human. But when Whelp does, it's because she's a brat. OK. Yep. That all checks out. Nothing hypocritical about that."

      No, that's not what I was fucking saying. I didn't say shit about our stress. I was just explaining that we aren't fucking abandoning the kid to be here.

      And... alright. al-fucking-right. Saying what I did about you and Kelevra was too far and too low. I'll accept your apology and give you mine.

      I'm sorry