Friday, 7 June 2013

The devil

The devil showed up at the edge of our home. 

Everyday for two weeks he kept disappearing from one place an appearing in another. Wherever he appeared, Father Brien would put himself between the devil and us and read verses from the Holy Bible.  We all prayed. Satan just looked lost, like he couldn’t figure out how to get in, then he stuck out a hand. Then there was this awful sound then he pulled back and disappeared. We haven’t seen him in a few days, so we’re all resting right now especially Father Brien because he never took a break.

I'm tired but happy. God and our faith kept us safe



  1. Having faith during such hard times is hard, only strong spirited people are capable of that.

    Not to mention feeling happy, despite all the horrible situation.

    Good to hear all of you are alright, I would suggest moving, but all of you are still alive, so you are doing something right.

    Stay safe and good luck.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. Our faith is what got us this far and we have to stay here for now but thank you
      You stay safe to Mr. Incognito

  2. I'm hitting myself for not following this earlier. This latest development intrigues me, although asking how to replicate it will likely yield a predictable answer.

    It's good to see you safe and happy, Laura. :) Doesn't often happen.

    1. Thank you Med :)

      We're kept safe because were doing what God commands and we have faith in him.

      If you let yourself have faith and if you pray to God, he will protect you too

    2. Had a feeling you'd say that. ^^

      Thanks for the offer, but I'll keep my protection of Tesla instead. : ) Personal preference.

  3. Mr O'Brien, Laura was commenting on KnitWolf's blog again.

    (Sorry for grassing on you, Laura, but it's for your own safety.)

    1. *Mr Brien, sorry. Got you confused with a famous comedian.

      Anyway, stay safe sir! ^_^

    2. I'm done now anyway